Hummingbird Hammocks is a Colorado-based company who specializes in making ultralight hammocks. These hammocks are small. Crazy small. To give you an idea, here is the Single size (their smallest) pictured in comparison to my Nalgene bottle and Grand Trunk hammock.




So other than being small, is a Hummingbird Hammock really any different than other hammocks? It turns out they have made some interesting improvements on the traditional hammock that are not only functional, but pretty cool. Hummingbird Hammocks are made of parachute nylon to keep them incredibly light and strong. The only hardware are two small 3D-printed buttons on each end that connect to your tree straps. This means no carabiners weighing you down. They’ve also made some big changes to the standard tree straps, which I’ll discuss in more depth later in the review.


Working in my Single size Hummingbird Hammock near the trailhead of Mt. Princeton.

Hummingbird Hammocks currently has three models. The Single, Single+, and Double range from $75 for the Single to $115 for the Double with Tree Straps. Here I’m pictured lounging in the Single size. It’s cut small to save weight but still has plenty of room to get comfortable. If you are taller than average or just like a little extra room you may want to try the Single+.


The hammock is comfortable and overall I would recommend it. But I do want to revisit the one thing that threw me off the first time I used my Hummingbird Hammock—the tree straps.


IMG_0780First of all, I wish there was an easy way to carry the tree straps with the hammock. Since they are sold separately and don’t fit in the hammock bag there are three things to carry instead of one. If I lose any of them I can’t nap away my afternoon. This is an easy fix though and I might sew a small piece of elastic to the bag to hold it all together.


Connecting a Hummingbird Hammock to the straps works differently than most other hammocks. Most straps have a series of loops or a similar system that you clip a carabiner into. Instead, Hummingbird Hammocks have what can only be described as a Chinese finger trap to adjust the length. The thread loops back on itself and slides easily until enough tension causes it to cinch tight on itself. Because of this system, the closest you can get to a tree is still a couple feet. You want to pick trees slightly further apart then you normally would and double wrap the strap around thinner trees. I misjudged when setting up my hammock for the first time and had to do a second take. Once you get the hang of it, it works great. The straps are also sold separately so you can ditch your current ones and get this lighter set for whatever hammock you’re already using and loving.


Outside of their products, Hummingbird Hammocks is also an amazing, family-owned and operated company. Chris, the founder, is certified to make parachutes. Their hammock fabric doesn’t just feel like a parachute, it actually is FAA-certified reserve parachute material. Each part is made of high quality materials in the USA.


What’s even cooler is that Hummingbird Hammocks is an open source hardware company. That means you can visit their page on github and see every 3D model they actually use to make all of their parts. If you have the right tools, you can even replicate their products! This shared information helps them learn how to make their products better and gives their customers a great amount of transparency into their company. While open source is becoming more common in the software world, I don’t know of anyone else doing it in the hardware space.


If you count each and every ounce when packing for a trip but don’t like to sacrifice comfort, Hummingbird Hammocks is the best option out there. An overnight hammock with a waterproof tarp and bug net is in the works, which could save you even more weight and space in your pack, and I’m excited to see what else they do in the future.


Now instead of leaving my cumbersome hammock at home, I’ll be throwing this lightweight version in my pack everywhere I go so I can rest better and go further. If you want a lightweight hammock that doesn’t skimp on quality, grab a hammock for yourself at Hummingbird Hammocks.



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