My typical morning routine involves waking up, brewing a Nespresso latte, and taking a shower—in that order. Like millions of Americans, I depend on caffeine throughout the day. Aside from keeping you alert during those long trips to the mountains, caffeine has been proven to increase your concentration and athletic performance in the right doses. While that makes it ideal for hiking longer and climbing higher grades, brewing a cup in the backcountry isn’t exactly convenient.


img_1290Enter Apollo Energy Gum—a caffeine and B vitamin infused gum marketed towards outdoors enthusiasts, athletes, and adrenaline junkies. Each piece contains 80 mg of caffeine, which is about the same amount as a small cup of coffee. I tried it out on a programming session for Fresh Snow and again during a climbing trip to Lookout Mountain near Golden.


It didn’t take long for the gum to make quite a first impression. Upon my first bite, a burst of fluid from the gum’s liquid center flooded my mouth. Despite the initial shock, it tasted great. The gum has a minty Spearmint flavor with none of the harsh chemical taste you get with some other caffeine products. The flavor and consistency held up much better than some gums that disintegrate into a gross paste before you’re ready to spit them out.


img_1301In my opinion, the only real negative is in the delivery system. Because it is in gum form, you have to pack out what you chew. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, in comparison to something like Clif Shot Bloks, it is less convenient.


As a perk, Apollo also provides keychains that hold two pieces of gum. Unfortunately, I usually stash my keys when I’m outdoors and will want more than two pieces for anything over a day. While it’s a nice concept, they keychain isn’t something I see myself using. But the pieces do come individually wrapped so I can throw a handful into my head pocket and go.


Overall, Apollo Energy Gum is another great performance product to come out of Boulder. It holds up as a gum and packs a good punch of caffeine for its size. While it might not become my first choice when I’m heading into the backcountry, if you’re a regular gum-chewer this is a great staple to have in your pack!


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